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I had been having severe digestive problems for more than a year when I went to Tammi. I had been to two GPs at that stage who could not find anything wrong with me but I was very concerned and distressed about my wellbeing. I decided to try herbal medicine with Tammi and I was very impressed that Tammi could tell me what was wrong and what could be the cause of my problems. Tammi prescribed herbs and explained what they were intended to do and advised some dietary and lifestyle modifications. The change was slow and gradual at first but after two months, a problem that had plagued me for more than a year had subsided. A few years on, the problem now very rarely returns and when it does, I am able to deal with it by taking the steps Tammi taught me. I appreciate Tammi’s attention to my problems and her hollistic approach to curing my illness which has had a positive long term effect. I now feel better from within

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