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I have had a degenerative disc in my lower back for 8 years and was told pilates would really help the ongoing discomfort I was experiening. I took a few different courses under different teachers and enjoyed them – I found them challenging and aerobic, yet I still had frequent lower back pain and often felt a little over-strained after class. I then signed up for a course with a Tammi. After only a few classes, I realised what a massive difference the right pilates teacher can make. I also came to realise the damage that I could have caused myself at my previous classes due to inadequate attention from teachers and my insufficient understanding of the fundamentals of pilates.

Tammi’s style of teaching is attentive, rigorous and is based on a full and thorough grounding in the basics.  She is a warm and positive person, very encouraging but tough at the same time – you will feel like you’ve worked hard after one of her classes!  But you can also expect to feel relaxed and revived. While I was doing pilates with Tammi, my back pain was non-existent. I was stronger, more flexible and more toned. I attended the regular group classes and also pre-natal classes on both my pregnancies. I didn’t feel as much as a twinge of back pain, even when i was 9 months pregnant – to go from being in constant low-level discomfort to pain-free even when heavily pregnant? I think that’s pretty amazing! To get the full benefit from a pilates class, you need to be with the right teacher – you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands with Tammi.

Joan Dublin

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