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Tammi was a Godsend to me and my sister when we both needed to get back into shape. We took 2-on-1 classes with her which were great value, as we each felt we got a private session but paid half the price. Tammi makes working out fun but she doesn’t allow slacking – if you try it (I did) she will make you start again so you learn to push through. Good discipline. 
I had been feeling overwhelmed after years of gradual weight gain and my sister had had a very bad prognosis for her mobility after a series of back injuries. We both feel on top of the world again; my sister’s doctors are astonished that Pilates was all it took for her to make a complete recovery. 

Whether you are ambitious for your fitness, want to take control of your own health or want to find your way back to your youthful pleasure in your body, Tammi is an inspiring, understanding and humorous guide. We always looked forward to our workouts with Tammi even though she was going to make us work really hard because we really enjoyed spending time with her. 

Mary Kate O Flanagan

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