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I saw Tammi regularly for a period of about two years while she was living and working in Dublin. When I first saw her I had a huge amount of anxiety and stress which would often leave me feeling deeply depressed and feeling very unhopeful about my situation. After my first consultation with Tammi I felt i had finally met a health care professional who could really help me. When I discussed my problems with her I felt she listened with great care and attention and worked with me as an individual. The herbal medicine she prescribed usually worked with in a couple of days to help me feel more balanced. It was always a great help when I felt down or anxious. I really have a lot to thank Tammi for. She gave me invaluable insight into life style and diet and offered me a lot of wisdom on how to lead a much more balanced and enjoyable life. I was very sorry to hear of Tammi returning to South Africa as it was always reassuring knowing I could see her when I was having problems. But since I have taken all her advice onboard and started leading a much more balanced and fulfilling life style there would not be much need for me to see her only to say hello and thanks! I would highly recommend seeing Tammi her wisdom, knowledge and kind manner will guide you in the right direction to leading a life which is just right for you. Thanks for everything Tammi

Mick Dublin

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