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I went to Tammi mainly for stress which was starting to interfere with my health.  My main concerns were my digestive issues, hormonal issues and fatigue.  What I discovered through my consultation with Tammi was that due to my stress and the regular strain my adrenals were being put under, I was increasing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline too often.  These in turn were causing my digestion to be impaired so my appetite was decreased but my ‘digestive disturbances’ to put it politely were increased!

After sometime of me ignoring those issues, I also realised my PMT symptoms were awful, particularly my mood swings and tender breasts.

Finally, I was recommended Medical Herbalism and within 7 days of taking my herbs I started to go through a slight detox: fatigue, headaches, grumpiness which I discussed with Tammi who assured me this was normal, then 7 days after that my energy levels lifted, I wasn’t dead tired after a full nights sleep, my PMT had disappeared almost completely and my stomach had completely returned to it’s none anxious self.I cannot recommend herbal medicine enough.  It works so effectively and quickly and though the taste can be far from pleasant, I would advise anyone open to it to see Tammi for Herbal Medicine as an effective option for your health issues

Bella Dublin

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