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I first saw Tammi in 2009 for recurrent bronchitis. I found her to be confident and had  a more medical approach than I was expecting, which I liked. During the consultation, she established that I was asthmatic and said that herbal medicine could be very effective in improving symptoms in asthma. I started taking the herbal prescription she gave me and I quickly noticed an improvement in my general health. Sometime later I realised I had made it through a whole winter with only 1 very mild cold that had not affected my chest badly. That was a massive improvement on the previous year when I’d needed 5 courses of antibiotics! As my chest improved and we identified some triggers for my asthma, I was able to reduce my reliance on my inhaler.  I now have a bottle of her prescription on hand to take at the 1st sign of asthma or chest infection,  and keep the inhaler only for emergencies…I have not had to use it in some months. I would heartily recommend Tammi as her care has resulted in a huge improvement in my quality of life.

Stephen Dublin

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