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I came to Tammi last year after getting recommendations about the EFT method.
I needed some help and there were a few things that I was looking for in my practitioner:
not to drag those sessions over years; to be something I will be able to practice myself; and
someone gentle enough and yet be able to contain me.
Tammi and this beautiful EFT method managed to tick all those boxes. I bought a package of
6 sessions and we started to work. It is an amazing and effective method of moving energy
that was stuck, sometimes for many years and was causing me so much pain, via tapping on
certain places in our body, and releasing (or starting to release) the stagnation. Some issues
needed to be worked deeper and might take more time but I felt very empowered by the
fact that I can do it myself and help myself.
Tammi is a very sensitive, gentle and prescriptive practitioner and I highly recommend
anyone to try this technique with her.

Rona Cape Town

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