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I have had regular Reiki treatments with Tammi every fortnight for the past 2 years. Prior to finding Tammi, I had been to many different practitioners of many different therapies. Tammi is unique. She has such an empathetic and gentle energy, and has a lot of experience in many different therapies. I feel as though each time I go I come away with something different, something more than before. My life is really busy and I have a lot of responsibility, but my regular Reiki treatments keep me clear and energised and balanced. Reiki is a beautiful healing energy and Tammi is a wonderful practitioner of it. It has helped me grow and heal in so many ways and I really look forward to my treatments with Tammi.


I had for many years experienced pain in my lower back and over time both the frequency and severity of the pain increased, during my first session with Tammi in 2009 I received both massage and Reiki which brought instant relief;  I continued to receive regular treatments and these further aided my recovery. 

I found Tammi’s empathic approach reassuring and was able to explore ways that would address the stressful factors that existed in my life at the time. Her holistic approach to well-being was reassuring and her guidance was beneficial in my making changes to my diet, exercise and work life balance.

Jenny H Dublin

I saw Tammi on 2 occasions for reiki treatments and I must say, she was a living embodiment of the benefits of reiki and a balanced lifestyle. At the time, I was going through a particularly stressful period of my life and Tammi had a wonderful, positive aura about her and a very calming effect. The treatment itself was incredibly relaxing and I emerged from it feeling more equipped to deal with the hassles and stresses of modern life.

Sorcha Dublin

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