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I had been having severe digestive problems for more than a year when I went to Tammi. I had been to two GPs at that stage who could not find anything wrong with me but I was very concerned and distressed about my wellbeing. I decided to try herbal medicine with Tammi and I was very impressed that Tammi could tell me what was wrong and what could be the cause of my problems. Tammi prescribed herbs and explained what they were intended to do and advised some dietary and lifestyle modifications. The change was slow and gradual at first but after two months, a problem that had plagued me for more than a year had subsided. A few years on, the problem now very rarely returns and when it does, I am able to deal with it by taking the steps Tammi taught me. I appreciate Tammi’s attention to my problems and her hollistic approach to curing my illness which has had a positive long term effect. I now feel better from within

Dr Tammi O’Flynn has, over the last 8 years, treated me for the following conditions:
Asthma – which I have had all my life, but no longer have, due to her herbal medication
Menopausal symptoms – very bitter medicine but amazing results
Chronic Eczema – have had it all my life, but it has disappeared, thanks to herbal medicine
Gall Stones – the medication helped enormously
Dry Eyes – herbal eyedrops have completely erradicated this problem
Cold and Flu – Dr O’Flynn’s immune-boosting medicine is almost miraculous

I am a very happy patient and recommend herbal medicine to everyone I know.  Thank you, Dr O’Flynn, for your interest, superb knowledge and commitment to my healthcare

R. Gillespie Cape Town

I saw Tammi regularly for a period of about two years while she was living and working in Dublin. When I first saw her I had a huge amount of anxiety and stress which would often leave me feeling deeply depressed and feeling very unhopeful about my situation. After my first consultation with Tammi I felt i had finally met a health care professional who could really help me. When I discussed my problems with her I felt she listened with great care and attention and worked with me as an individual. The herbal medicine she prescribed usually worked with in a couple of days to help me feel more balanced. It was always a great help when I felt down or anxious. I really have a lot to thank Tammi for. She gave me invaluable insight into life style and diet and offered me a lot of wisdom on how to lead a much more balanced and enjoyable life. I was very sorry to hear of Tammi returning to South Africa as it was always reassuring knowing I could see her when I was having problems. But since I have taken all her advice onboard and started leading a much more balanced and fulfilling life style there would not be much need for me to see her only to say hello and thanks! I would highly recommend seeing Tammi her wisdom, knowledge and kind manner will guide you in the right direction to leading a life which is just right for you. Thanks for everything Tammi

Mick Dublin

I saw Tammi in 2009 for a consultation. I had a recurrent bladder infection and cystitis that several antibiotic prescriptions were not clearing up. I teach and the pain and discomfort made it difficult to work effectively. Tammi prescribed herbal medication that brought immediate relief and got to the root of the underlying problem. I found her knowledgeable, professional and very understanding. I would have no hesitation in recommending  Tammi, through her treatment I was able to return to work confident and healthy

Valerie Dublin

I went to Tammi mainly for stress which was starting to interfere with my health.  My main concerns were my digestive issues, hormonal issues and fatigue.  What I discovered through my consultation with Tammi was that due to my stress and the regular strain my adrenals were being put under, I was increasing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline too often.  These in turn were causing my digestion to be impaired so my appetite was decreased but my ‘digestive disturbances’ to put it politely were increased!

After sometime of me ignoring those issues, I also realised my PMT symptoms were awful, particularly my mood swings and tender breasts.

Finally, I was recommended Medical Herbalism and within 7 days of taking my herbs I started to go through a slight detox: fatigue, headaches, grumpiness which I discussed with Tammi who assured me this was normal, then 7 days after that my energy levels lifted, I wasn’t dead tired after a full nights sleep, my PMT had disappeared almost completely and my stomach had completely returned to it’s none anxious self.I cannot recommend herbal medicine enough.  It works so effectively and quickly and though the taste can be far from pleasant, I would advise anyone open to it to see Tammi for Herbal Medicine as an effective option for your health issues

Bella Dublin

I first saw Tammi in 2009 for recurrent bronchitis. I found her to be confident and had  a more medical approach than I was expecting, which I liked. During the consultation, she established that I was asthmatic and said that herbal medicine could be very effective in improving symptoms in asthma. I started taking the herbal prescription she gave me and I quickly noticed an improvement in my general health. Sometime later I realised I had made it through a whole winter with only 1 very mild cold that had not affected my chest badly. That was a massive improvement on the previous year when I’d needed 5 courses of antibiotics! As my chest improved and we identified some triggers for my asthma, I was able to reduce my reliance on my inhaler.  I now have a bottle of her prescription on hand to take at the 1st sign of asthma or chest infection,  and keep the inhaler only for emergencies…I have not had to use it in some months. I would heartily recommend Tammi as her care has resulted in a huge improvement in my quality of life.

Stephen Dublin

I had been having recurring bladder infections for some years and after growing tired of the constant courses of antibiotics, I decided to try a more natural approach and went to see Tammi. She was very thorough and at the end of the appointment outlined a clear and simple treatment plan and made some dietary suggestions. I started to take the herbs and in the next few months only had 1 mild bladder infection which we were able to treat with herbs. Since then, I have had no further infections for the past 2 years and I no longer need to take the herbs-amazing!

Vicky Dublin

I went to see Tammi in 2010 as I had experienced a few panic attacks and I was very anxious about having any more of them. I found her easy to talk to and understanding and I left the 1st consultation already feeling reassured that there was something that could be done. After starting to take the herbal prescription, I only had 1 further panic attack and it was much less intense. After 3 months of treatment, we decided to discontinue the herbs and after 2 years I still have had no further attacks. I am delighted that I sought help and that I was able to avoid going on the pharmaceuticals that I had been told I would need.

Rory Dublin

I first saw Tammi in 2009 for a herbal medicine consultation as I was experiencing severe menopausal flushes and they were really impacting my quality of life. I found Tammi to be knowledgeable, sympathetic and reassuring and after just a few weeks of taking my prescription I noticed a dramatic improvement. I now have had no flushes at all for 3 months and am on only a low maintenance dose of herbs. I feel fantastic!  I would really recommend going to Tammi as she has been a huge help and support through this difficult time.

Carla M Dublin

Tammi’s warm and genuine care, her holistic approach to healing, together with a highly effective herbal tincture helped me to overcome an irritable digestive system and sensitive stomach that had bothered me for about 10 years.

Tammi’s treatment has been the one and only approach that has worked.

Rebecca Dublin

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