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Transformation with E.F.T/ Tapping

Transformation with E.F.T/ Tapping

My EFT/ Tapping sessions with Tammi have been some of the most revealing and trans-formative experiences of my life. The process of tapping has been profound for me and I love how it provides a constant way to get more comfortable with, or explore more, the mind body heart. Tammi is a gentle, clear and very intuitive guide/healer. I highly recommend trying this modality – it’s really been helping with my anxiety, addictions and getting out of feeling stuck in some very unhealthful patterns.


My husband and I were having a hard time as we had been struggling to conceive for 2 years. I went to See Tammi for Phytotherapy and after she’d been treating me for a little while and my hormones were balanced, she suggested that my husband and I try some EFT sessions together. He was pretty sceptical at first, but agreed to give it a try. Tammi made him feel very relaxed and created a safe and confidential space for us. Neither of us knew anything about EFT, but Tammi explained it all and introduced us to this process beautifully. By the end of the first session, we had already brought to light quite a few of the underlying problems in our relationship. We were able to become aware of how these were affecting us both individually and as a couple. We hadn’t really realised up until then (or spoken about) how stressful we were finding the whole process of trying to get pregnant. After just a few EFT sessions we were both feeling so much more relaxed about it all, and our relationship was much more open and honest than before. A couple of months later, I found out I was pregnant and I now have about 2 months to go before our baby is born! Thanks Tammi for all your help!

Natalie & Chris

I had tried EFT before but went to see Tammi for Phytotherapy and she suggested we also do some EFT sessions. I have struggled with depression for a lot of my life and I was feeling pretty hopeless by this point. I was amazed that firstly after I stated taking the herbs, I started to feel a bit better, somehow “lighter” and then we started doing the EFT sessions. Wow, I was amazed at the stuff that came up. Things I’d forgotten about but had still been affecting me, sometimes years later. Tammi works in a very gentle way, but gets right to the heart of the matter. She helped me to see the links between what had happened in the past and what was happening in my life at that time. I learned so much about myself and how my mind, emotions and energy are linked. EFT is a very easy to use therapy that works amazingly fast to “rewire” your brain. I highly recommend for anyone suffering with depression.

Michael Cape Town

I worked with Tammi over a period of a few months as I had been experiencing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. I had not experienced EFT before but she guided me through the process expertly and within just 2 sessions my panic attacks had stopped! After a few more sessions I was able to release a lot of the underlying stuff that had caused my anxiety and I’m now able to enjoy my life in a whole new way, free from all that “stuff” I’d been carrying around for so long!

Pete Cape Town

I came to Tammi last year after getting recommendations about the EFT method.
I needed some help and there were a few things that I was looking for in my practitioner:
not to drag those sessions over years; to be something I will be able to practice myself; and
someone gentle enough and yet be able to contain me.
Tammi and this beautiful EFT method managed to tick all those boxes. I bought a package of
6 sessions and we started to work. It is an amazing and effective method of moving energy
that was stuck, sometimes for many years and was causing me so much pain, via tapping on
certain places in our body, and releasing (or starting to release) the stagnation. Some issues
needed to be worked deeper and might take more time but I felt very empowered by the
fact that I can do it myself and help myself.
Tammi is a very sensitive, gentle and prescriptive practitioner and I highly recommend
anyone to try this technique with her.

Rona Cape Town

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