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Happy 2019!

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy, healthy and vibrant new year, filled with joy and adventure!

I hope that you had a fun, restful and rejuvenating festive season.
Did you make any new year resolutions? 
Were any of them relating to getting fit, losing weight or eating more healthily?  These are probably the most popular resolutions for many people 🙂
If you would like any help along these lines, book an appointment with me and we can work on your goals together. Simply reply to this email to arrange a suitable time.
Or how about starting the year off by joining my personalized 8 week wellness journey to vibrant well-being on all levels: body, mind and spirit?

We will explore where you are currently with a comprehensive medical evaluation, and take stock of your current lifestyle, medications, diet and supplements. Where necessary I will pare down and simplify these, or suggest what will be beneficial for you to include.

We will connect mind and body through movement in a weekly 1-1 Pilates session which will challenge, inspire you and get you moving.

We will strategise a new  path forward by overhauling your current health, eating patterns, stress patterns and emotional triggers using a combination of EFT/Tapping and Reiki.

Your wellness journey includes:

  1. A comprehensive medical evaluation
  2. Personalized advice and guidance on diet and nutrition
  3. 1  hour long private Pilates session per week (8 total)
  4. 1 x EFT or Reiki session per week (6 total)

For more on this please click on the link below:

Or email me:

Remember: There is no better investment you can make than in your health and well-being.
Looking forward to working with you in 2019!

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