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Pilates Classes in Dublin and online

Pilates is one of the most thorough forms of exercise in the world. It dramatically improves posture, flexibility, balance, coordination and strength through slow, controlled movements and proper breathing. Regular Pilates training creates a long, lean body with toned, flat abdominals, ripped thighs and bum, and a strong back.

I was formerly a professional ballet dancer before changing direction to train in Phytotherapy (herbal medicine), EFT/Tapping, Reiki and Pilates.
I’ve been teaching Pilates Classes for the past 17 years, 4 of those years in Dublin, Ireland where I ran a very successful studio. In 2012 I moved to Cape Town, bacame a mom and continued teaching. Now in 2023 I’m excited to return to Dublin to share my love of movement there again. What I love about teaching Pilates is how everyone can benefit from it: whether you’re someone who has never really “got” exercise or enjoyed it; or whether you’re an elite dancer or athlete, Pilates can transform your body and mind. I love watching my clients have breakthrough moments and achieve their personal goals.

My broad range of knowledge and skills adds a unique dimension to my classes. They are accessible to people of all levels of fitness, whether you are recovering from injury; trying to improve fitness and tone; expecting a baby, or are involved in sport and trying to improve your game!

I focus on Pilates mat work and incorporate small equipment such as the Pilates balls, rings and therabands into the classes for challenge and variety.

I offer small group classes to ensure personal attention and maximum results! (Beginners, Improvers, Intermediate, Advanced levels offered)

One-to-One sessions are also available and these are ideal for rehabilitation; sports performance enhancement; ante-natal Pilates; or simply for a more personalized programme or to suit your schedule.

“In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 you will see the
difference, and in 30 you will have a whole new body”- Joseph Pilates

Ready to begin? Book your 1-1 session here: Pilates Appointment

Have a question or want to know more about group classes? Contact me here.

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