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Natural anti-bacterial hand cleanser for earth friendly hand cleaning

With the current stringent water restrictions in Cape Town, many people are reducing the number of times they wash their hands each day in an effort to save water. While it is necessary to save water, not properly cleaning our hands after using the bathroom, or before preparing and eating food, can increase our risk of infection-especially in the hot weather!
Some people have switched from hand-washing to using wet-wipes to clean their hands. While this will save water, imagine the huge extra burden these one-use discarded wet-wipes will have on waste disposal and our beautiful earth!
So I have an alternative solution for you: It is budget friendly and easy to make; completely natural, kind to our bodies and the environment and perhaps most importantly: really effective at cleaning and sanitizing our hands!

The lavender and tea-tree oils are anti-bacterial and the thyme is anti-fungal and anti-viral. The apple cider is a good medium for dissolving the essential oils and also will keep the skins PH balance- so no drying out the skin!

You will need:
1 x 250ml plastic spray bottle (available at any plastic shop)
20ml apple cider vinegar (organic if possible)
essential oils: tea-tree, lavender, thyme
230ml filtered/spring water

NOTE: Undiluted essential oils are super-concentrated and VERY strong. They can burn the skin. Always ensure you adequately dilute the oils and only use the recommended amount of drops.

Pour 20ml apple cider vinegar into the plastic bottle.
Carefully add: 10 drops lavender oil; 8 drops tea-tree oil; 4 drops thyme oil into the vinegar.
Shake well.
Top up the bottle with the water. Shake and spray!

This spray is also effective as a bathroom sanitizer.
You may notice the essential oils may settle out to the top on standing. Shake before use.

I hope you enjoy this simple, effective and easy to make hand cleaner.

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