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Including flaxseed in the diet could reduce breast cancer risk:

A recent study in Science Daily reports that Manipulation of Gut Microbiota with Flaxseed Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk. The report suggests that the human gut microbiome plays a role in breast health and found that flaxseed lignans can influence the connection between gut microorganisms and the expression of mammary gland microRNAs, a subset of which regulates genes associated with breast cancer.

The best way to add flaxseed (also known as linseeds) into your diet is to buy whole, organic seeds and add them to smoothies or sprinkle onto salads, soups or porridge. As flaxseeds are high in omega 3 & 6 oils, which can oxidize easily, it is better to not get them pre-ground. Rather eat them whole or grind them freshly yourself in a smoothie. This is an easy way to use food as preventative medicine.

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