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New Pilates Group Classes starting next week. In-person. Pre-Booking Essential

New In-Person Group Pilates at a beautiful new studio in Dun Laoghaire starting soon

Happy 2024!

I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful festive season and had a good break, and are already getting into the swing of the new year.

I am excited to announce that I will be starting some in-person Pilates group mat classes at a beautiful new venue in Dun Laoghaire: Escapada Health.

I’ll be running a FREE taster class this Thursday evening: 25/1’23 at 8pm for Intermediate level students who’d like to come and see the new studio space and perhaps sample one of my classes before signing up to the 6 week courses starting the following week. Please bring your own mat.

I’m also starting a new Beginners course for those new to Pilates, or those who’d like to go “back to basics” and ensure their foundation.

Venue Details:


Ardeen House, 10/11 Marine Terrace, Dun Laoghaire, A96T3H3

FREE taster class: This Thursday evening: 25/1’23 at 8pm for Intermediate level students

Suitable for those with previous experience in Pilates. Please bring your own mat.

New Pilates Courses:

Intermediate: 6 week course from Thursday 8 Feb- 21 March: 8pm: E120

(no class during mid-term: 15 Feb):

Beginners: 6 week course from Thursday 8 Feb-21 March: 7pm: E120

(no class during mid-term: 15 Feb)

Booking Essential.

Places are limited to ensure personal attention and maximum enjoyment and benefit.

To book, please email me:

Or What’s App: 0851193770

Including flaxseed in the diet could reduce breast cancer risk:

A recent study in Science Daily reports that Manipulation of Gut Microbiota with Flaxseed Could Reduce Breast Cancer Risk. The report suggests that the human gut microbiome plays a role in breast health and found that flaxseed lignans can influence the connection between gut microorganisms and the expression of mammary gland microRNAs, a subset of which regulates genes associated with breast cancer.

The best way to add flaxseed (also known as linseeds) into your diet is to buy whole, organic seeds and add them to smoothies or sprinkle onto salads, soups or porridge. As flaxseeds are high in omega 3 & 6 oils, which can oxidize easily, it is better to not get them pre-ground. Rather eat them whole or grind them freshly yourself in a smoothie. This is an easy way to use food as preventative medicine.

Simple, Effective Immune Boosting Tips for you 

With the change of season, I’m noticing that quite a lot of people have been “hit” with a sore throat; chest infection or blocked sinuses. Here are some immune boosting tips to help keep your immune system strong and some simple natural home remedies you can use to help if you’re affected:

1) Remember the fresh garlic!
Raw, freshly crushed garlic is a powerhouse: it’s a natural antibiotic; is anti-viral and anti-fungal. In addition, it also has powerful anti-tumour effects, is anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory (balancing); cardiovascular-protective; anti-cholesterol; anti-diabetic and neuro-protective. So plenty of reasons we should include it! Some people are sensitive to garlic due to its sulphur compounds, but most people tolerate fresh garlic well. It’s not necessary to have it every day, normally a couple of times per week should suffice. However if you are feeling like you’re “coming down with something”, get the garlic in ASAP and you might just find that the garlic “knocks out” whatever was lurking 🙂
To use: Freshly crush 1 clove of raw garlic into plain yoghurt/mashed avocado or simply mix into your dinner once served. Remember that there is a difference in using garlic medicinally and using it for flavour: We use it in cooking for adding that delicious, rich garlicky taste and smell. However, in order to use it for its powerful medicinal properties, it needs to be raw and freshly crushed. It’s the crushing that activates it, by combining 2 molecules into the biologically active form: allicin. Contrary to popular belief, using it in this way does NOT make us “stink for days”. Fresh garlic is “breathed off” through the lungs relatively quickly (within a couple of hours).
I usually suggest people do this at night so they will have breathed off the garlic overnight. This route of elimination (through the lungs) is one of the reasons why garlic has such a powerful effect on chest infections: The garlic is literally disinfecting your lungs as it’s being “breathed out”. Good to know, isn’t it?

2) Steam inhalations:
If a sinus or chest infection has set in, a very effective treatment is a steam inhalation. The steam helps to carry the small aromatic molecules of the oils or herbs directly into the airways. As these molecules are very small, they are easily absorbed through the mucous membranes, in fact right into the blood vessels, disinfecting and clearing the airways as they go. The effect is felt within a few minutes and can be very relieving to a congested chest or sinus, as well has helping to actually clear the infection.
How to do it:Fill a large basin or bowl with hot (preferably filtered) water. It’s not necessary for it to be boiling hot, it just needs to be hot enough to release steam. Place the basin/bowl onto a table. Into the hot water, add 2 drops of tea-tree essential oil and 1-2 drops thyme essential oil (You can also use dried thyme eucalyptus/ peppermint leaves if you prefer, in this case you’d add 1 handful of dried herbs).
Sit in front of the basin/bowl and completely cover your head and shoulders with a large towel to create an enclosed space for the steam to evaporate; inhale the steam deeply for 10 mins. If your eyes are sensitive and it’s uncomfortable for you, you can close your eyes or wear swimming goggles 🙂 This works really well for kids. They enjoy the immediate relief they get from the steam, although you may need to help them pass the time by reading to them or telling a story, etc.

3) Herbal Immune Booster:
Many of you will already be familiar with the potent and effective herbal immune booster I make up for my patients. This has been a trusty and reliable essential in my own family and that of many of my patients over the years. Widely applicable to many seasonal infections due to its antibacterial and anti-viral action, it also (as the name suggests) helps to “boost” your innate immune system, raising your body’s ability to protect itself against exposure to infection. It can be used both prophylactically if you’ve been around people who are ill and you’re concerned you might contract the infection; as well as if you are already sick to speed up recovery time and minimise the severity of infection.
As always, the difference between this immune booster which I supply to my patients and the over-the-counter herbal products that are available commercially are: 1) The quality and potency of the herbs that are included: Most commercial formulations are very poor quality. They generally use poor quality herbal material and are also very weak or not properly extracted. For example: If Echinacea root is simply ground up and put into a capsule, it is going to have very little (if any) effect in the body. The chemical constituents in Echinacea need to be extracted with a high percentage of alcohol to be effective. 2) The number of herbs included: Many commercially available herbal products are not formulated by professional herbalists. As a result, the formulations often contain a whole battery of herbs that are “supposed to work”. However, if you consider a formula that has 10; 20 or more herbs listed in the ingredients, how much of each herb would you actually begetting with each dose? With this many herbs, even if they were well chosen, of good quality and correctly extracted (none of which is usually true), there simply isn’t a sufficient quantity of them to be effective.
In a well-formulated, synergistic herbal formulation such as the ones I make up for my patients, there are generally a maximum of 4-5 herbs per prescription. This allows for an effective bioactive dose of each well-chosen herb. I have yet to find a commercially available product that comes close to matching the effect. Most of my patients who have tried my herbal immune booster agree that there is no comparison of anything they’ve tried previously.
Please get in touch if you’d like to give it a try:

I hope you find these simple immune boosting tips helpful. Let me know how you get on with them and if you found this useful.

New research reveals EFT improves multiple physiological markers of health:

Are you curious about EFT/Tapping?

Recently women’s empowerment organisation To EmpowHER reached out to ask me to share some more information about EFT/Tapping for their members. Their objective was to offer their members some possible alternative healing approaches to mental health issues beyond traditional psychotherapy or medication. To read the full article please go here:

A good overview of the GMO debate

Starting the year by releasing anxiety and building resilience

Can you believe we are already in February? It seems that 2021 is trucking along….the question is, how are you doing? Yes, the world keeps on turning, even if it looks somewhat different right now to how it did this time last year….How are you coping with all the changes that the last year has brought? Are you feeling resilient and able to adapt, to bend, to find your centre in the world as it is now? Or are you struggling with adapting to all the changes, perhaps having added responsibilities, uncertainty, etc? Maybe you’re feeling more like a brittle twig and that the next thing that happens may just be the thing to “break you”? We all have faced challenges over the past months. How can we release anxiety and build resilience in 2021? This is a time of opportunity for us to grow, to learn or re-discover tools to help us through this time. With the ease and convenience of online consultations and training sessions, there’s never been a better time to reach out for a little (or alot!) of help.

Below are my top 3 tools to help you:
1) Pilates and Mindful Movement:

Pilates is mind-body movement. We learn how to move our bodies using intelligence, breathwork and mindfulness. We build strength, endurance and flexibility of both mind and body. We finish each session feeling calm, centered, strengthened and stretched. Many of my clients view their sessions as a form of “moving meditation”.

If you’d like to schedule a session, please go here:

2) Phytotherapy:

Clinical herbal medicine or Phytotherapy is evidence based, personalised natural medicine using plants and food as medicine. Herbs have been used in almost all cultures around the world for thousands of years and it is still the most widely used form of medicine globally. Phytotherapists are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions and formulate a personalised prescription for each patient. The medicines we use are of the highest quality and more efficacious than many of the mass-produced  “over-the counter” herbal products available.Currently I am offering online consultations to my patients around the world. Specifically at this time, many patients are looking for support for immunity; recovery from illness; stress; anxiety; depression and insomnia. We know that we are living through a time of increased stress. This can have an impact on our nervous systems and on our immune systems. If you’d like some herbal support, tailored specifically to your needs, please go here:

1st consultation:
If you’ve had a Phytotherapy consult with me previously:

3) E.F.T./Tapping:

Do you feel like you keep reacting to things in a certain way and you wish you could change it? Maybe you get angry, or withdraw, or lose sleep? Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T), also known as “Tapping” is a form of energy medicine or energy psychology. There are many studies to support how effective this technique is. It has many applications, such as PTSD and trauma; chronic pain; anxiety, panic attacks; depression; learning challenges and optimising performance in school, sports, work and life! It is a simple system using the body’s energy meridian system to help connect mind and body. What makes it so effective is that by uncovering the root of where an issue started, we are then able to “re-wire” the neural pathways that have been laid down in response to the original trigger and form new pathways. In this way we no longer are “triggered” or “wired” to react in the old way/s, but can choose new ways to respond to situations, and we can enjoy our life more fully, being more present and free. Right now many people are feeling so stressed, anxious, fearful, isolated, etc. E.F.T/Tapping can help you release these feelings and navigate your path forward.

If you’d like to explore this please go here:

If you have any questions, please get in touch, email is usually the best way to reach me, as I’m often in consultation/ session.

Sending you peace, and well-being in mind, body and spirit.

A new study shows that Boswellia Extract May Be Beneficial for Reducing Inflammation and Pain in Patients Newly Diagnosed with Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common age-related disorder associated with chronic inflammation, joint pain, decreased mobility, and negative impact on quality of life.

OA of the knee is the most common form of arthritis. Acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the primary medications used for symptoms related to OA of the knee. These pharmacological interventions often lead to gastrointestinal, renal, and cardiovascular risk.

Gum resin extracted from boswellia has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat chronic inflammatory diseases, including OA. Studies have shown boswellia extract to be beneficial for treating age-related inflammatory disorders. (source: Phytother Res. May 2019)

I’ve used Boswellia successfully for this in my practice as well. However, remember that, as with many herbs, commercially available “supplements” are very often low quality &/or potency. This is true for Boswellia as well. If you are interested in finding out more about Boswellia and if it’s a good fit for you, and you’d like to find a good quality source, please contact me.

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